Custom Products

  • Process Manufacturing and Assembly Systems (fully automated and turnkey)
  • Process Manufacturing and Assembly Systems
  • Lean Workcells
  • Test Stands

Standard Products

  • Liquid Silicone Rubber Pump
  • Servo Electric Powder Press
  • Mold Set Management
  • Turntables for Injection Mold Machinery
  • Specialized Curing Ovens for Mold Tooling
  • Hydraulic Pressure Test Pulsing Equipment
  • Coating and Dipping Process Equipment

SEP-10T Service Electric Powder Press

Compared to hydraulic equipment:
  • 75% smaller footprint
  • Predictable production rates and material usage
  • Better controlled and more reliable process
  • No part contamination with hydraulic fluid or oil

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Ten Ton Servo Electric Press

The SEP-10T Servo Electric Press solves your powder compacting production problems with Teflon, plastics, ceramics and metals. The servo-driven machine saves valuable space on your factory floor, taking up only 25% of the area of a typical hydraulic-driven machine. Parts come out cleaner because there is no oil or hydraulic fluid in the system, so your finished product can’t be contaminated. The SEP-10T’s precisely-controlled servo motors allow you to have a more reliable process than with a hydraulic system resulting in predictable production rates and material usage.
  • 10-ton pressing capacity
  • 2 pressing axes
  • 1 servo escapement for finished part
  • Die plate stationary during part ejection
  • Quick setup and in-machine tool change
  • Precisely controlled closed-loop hold-down force
  • Zero backlash guiding systems
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quick clamping systems
  • Footprint: 60” x 48”
  • Height: 106”
  • Power: 240-480V, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 35 KVA


  • 24 recipe capacity
  • Processes Teflon, plastic, ceramic, metal powders
  • 3 pressing modes: opposed upper, opposed lower, electronic gear tandem
  • Material feed system
  • Material storage compartment
  • Servo-driven part conveyance
  • Material consumption reports


  • 3 quality checks: pressure, height, density
  • Process runtime data


  • Storage compartment dehumidification
  • Vision system inspection, post press 
  • Reject systems
  • LASER or optional part marking
  • Part serialization
  • Robotic part handling for post processes, sintering
  • Material consumption reports

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